How do I get my player to angle toward this geomatry.

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  • Hello there, i am working on a plat former project that uses speed and momentum bas plat forming , and i have recently hit a snag where i am using the system recommend to me before to rotate the character to a specific angle that would match the angle that the geometry is at however once it reaches above 100 degrees it ceases to work and won't rotate the player.

    the character framework I'm using is in Screen_03 (I'm sure as of what it is referred too.)

    the coding used for the angles is in screen_02.

    and an example of one of the geometries is in screen_01 with the places where it ceases to function in yellow and the rest are red.

    i have tried alerting the amount it changes the player angles and even tried changing the position of the different player parts including the detector to try and get a result but nothing so far.

    any help you could give me would be appreciated , thank you for your time and i look forward to your responses.

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