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  • I want to create a game with a player that is on an incline, which is also effected by gravity, but with still the ability to move up and down on the incline. If the player is not moving I would like them to slide down the incline. I'm having the problem of keeping both feet on the incline.

  • krol5326, check out the physics and bullet behaviors. Both have a gravity feature. Physics is performance heavy, but more realistic.

    The bullet behavior has a set angle to motion feature, so you will be able to go up the incline with both feet on the ground, but you will lean back a bit.

    Most likely you will need to create different graphics / animations to handle the different movements on inclines etc. Take it to the extreme of the incline being a wall. The character would most likely move differently up the wall than on a flat.

    Hope that helps

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  • Thanks for the information. I have been playing around with all different kinds of movement. I was hoping there was a quick solution to fixing the problem, but I will try with different images.

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