How do I play video immediately on chrome ?

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  • in other browsers, videos can be played directly when the layout is loaded. why can't chrome do it?

  • Most browsers are moving to an approach that blocks autoplay in order to avoid annoying users with unexpected audio playback. The playback can only be started in a click or touch event. I think Chrome did this first but you can expect all other browsers to follow.

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  • so, what should I do so that the video can be played? I put one button to start playing the video but the video doesn't appear too. Firefox and Safari can do it well, even though Safari can't play it automatically. is it a codex video problem? or maybe the built-in flash player problem ?

  • now, i have turned off autoplay on the video and put a single button. When i clicked the button, the video started and then stopped. i don't know wheter it was buffering or lagging. the video just stop and i don't know what's happened (google chrome only). is google chrome needs to download pepperflash to play video on construct 2 ?

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