How do I Play a Video in the Game [White Screen Issue]

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  • I would like to play a video inside my game. I am having the issue of the video just being a white screen.

    I have read the Video tutorial and many online i even advanced searched the forums but i couldn't find anything that actually solves the problem.

    I did find one topic with the exact same problem as mine but it was unanswered (1 year unanswered ;p).....

    If their is a step by step procedure that would be of great help , current delay time (2 days) Please help!

  • A user is generally likely to get a more useful response if they provide a minimal .capx that both highlights the problem, and also allows others to test if they experience the same issue.

    Without a .capx, it's just guesswork and therefore pretty useless.

  • I don't need someone to fix my problem as much as i need someone with a working demo?

    Is there any games with video that i can download in a .capx file to see how it works?

  • Bump?

    Is there any game that has a .capx file which has a video working? I am surprised there are no examples haha

  • Did you try the iframe plugin ? Instead of a website give the .mp4 url.

    To look it good, type border:0px; for css.


    Maybe you got the compatibility problem


    On Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android, video playback cannot begin unless triggered by a user input event. The Play action will work in a user input trigger like On touch start, but if done outside of that it cannot play right away. To work around this the video plugin will wait until the next touch event to start playing the video. This also applies to autoplaying videos: it will not start until the first touch.

    Safari on iOS does not currently support rendering video inside the game canvas itself. To work around this, the Video plugin creates a video element floating above the game, similar to a form control. This ensures the video can appear, but prevents other objects being displayed on top of it.

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  • Nope both of those solutions are ineffective as i have already tried them.

    If their is an experienced user on the forums who can get the video to work then you will one either understand my pain or two find a viable solution haha

    Thanks for the help guys but i need more to get this to work!

  • I just tried to add a video and everything worked with no problem.

    I even made a test view on my phone too and got no problems (except the loading time over WLAN)

    Here is a example file for you too: ... .capx?dl=0

    (It's a royaltiy free video)

  • Thats weird, it works when i do it. Maybe you should check your codecs and convert your video to the one that all devices can play ?

    Or upload to youtube and embed it in the div plugin ?


    That is so funny because i followed Scirra instructions of converting it to a WebM and it didnt work!!!!! (That and the fact i thought it auto puts the .ETC part but apparently it didnt thanks)

    But if i just keep it in an mp4 like you did it did WOW

    Thanks alot man you just saved me a nother 3 days of pain haha

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