How do I play video?

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  • I have made short video and I trying to install it to in my game but nothing happens. I have all three different code types (mp4,ogv,WebM) Video is small slide show. file size is 3mb.

    I have add media= video, I have set all sources in properties and autoplay is yes, but video is not playing.

    Is there any good tutorial where I can see how make things work? Any idea what I have made wrongly?

  • Is there anyone who could help me?

  • If the video object is on your layout, the names of your videos are inputted in the video-object properties and the videos themselves have been added to the project files, it should work..

  • Ok this is weird. I did not change nothing. I try it in Explorer browser and its work there. Then it try it again in chrome and it started to work there as well!?! it still not working if I try to use firefox. Only bit god know what happened.

  • I just use Firefox and the attached 'very' simple example works for me.

    Does it work for you in Firefox?

  • I try it and it works fine. I just "fix" my problem. I removed the WebM format and now my video works firefox as well. I guess its fine if I only use mp4 and ogv format.

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  • Now I had new problem. Every browser can play video clip but some phones not. When I try XDK emulator some phones play it and some not. My own phone not playing it as well. I have all three video sources. mp4, ogv and webm and they working now. Do I need video player plugin or what? And if i do where I can find it? I try it to search it but not find any.

  • Hi MrRuho I have the same problem: cant reproduce videos on XDK

  • Ashley ,

    I've imported a video file named VideoTest in both mp4 and webm formats.

    I set up the Video object and type the names of the video files (VideoTest.mp4, VideoTest.webm) on the H.264 source and WebM source fields respectively.

    If I preview, the video playbacks OK.

    If I export and upload the folder structure on the server, the video doesn't work. Looking on the exported folder, i see that C2 exported both video files with their names in lowercase letters (videotest.mp4, videotest.webm). I believe this is causing the problem.

    Is this by design? Does indeed causing the problem? Should we only import and use files that are named with lowercase letters?


  • Anyone got a solution?

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