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    I hear it from the begin of the level and that thing is in the middle. I tried that it play at a certain position and sprite, but my other music stops and other sound effects and the sound starts to do 'a la broken radio'. Any solutions?

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  • Lately i have had a similar issue. When using "Play at object", the "Preload Audio" event does not seem to work for the "Play at Object" action. Preloading the audio for just "Play Audio" seems to preload just fine. This might be why your other sounds might pause when u use the "Play at Object" audio event at first.

    Is there something we are missing here or is "Play at Object" working as intended? "Play at object is a cool feature but its not so cool if u cant use preloading the audio for it and not getting the first stutter on the action.

  • I just made a sprite and set it to invisible. So when ever u step on the sprite sound plays and finishes on another sprite. It's working for now^^

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