How do I play sound from every instances of objects?

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  • I've got Zombie object with many instances of it and I want to make them play roar sounds when they patroling the area and don't see the player. But all I've done is when one instance is playing the roar sounds, then when he dies another instance starts to play the sound, and on and on... How to make them all play roar sounds at once?

  • You could give them timers and on timer completed play the sound, and you could adjust the times so they are not doing it at the exact same time.

  • I don't understand why do I need the timer to play many sounds from different object instances at once. It's question about positioning the sound from many sources on the layout

  • Yes on timer complete you play at object, it will pick the correct instance.

  • so, you mean if my object instances will trigger the sound playback on timer, then it will allow me to play the sound multiple times from they positions?

  • In its simplest form you could just say 'every X seconds' play audio at object 'zombie' this would play it at all the zombies at the same time.

  • "every X seconds" is the way I did. And all I got is when only one of bots playing the sound. If he dead then next one playing the sound. And go on till no one left

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  • Or is it that they are all playing the sound at the same time so you can't tell? Try the timer thing I mentioned and give them different timer durations so you can hear them separately.

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