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  • Good evening all,

    i am looking for some assistance with my problem i have been having. I am currently just dabbling with Construct 2 and i have set up a small scenario which i am using to test a few different functions. Currently i have the scenario set up, so that you have to shoot the box, attain a key, walk to the door, the door opens and behind the door is a goon. I currently have managed (with heavy assistance of example provided through searching) to get the goon to path-find its way to the player, however now i want the goon to make a sound upon finding a successful path to the player, and then repeating the sound every few seconds.

    dropbox. com/s/rznc9qy2usw90v1/Test.capx

    I have attached what i have done so far (Please excuse the absolute chaos in the event sheet, still using the free version and cannot create families and i have done things in a totally weird order).

    (Noticed i do not yet have enough rep to post hyperlinks, sorry about that)

    Any assistance with my problem is greatly appreciated!

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  • add the timer behaviour

    goon on path found: play sound

    start timer "goonsound" for 4 seconds (regular)

    goon on timer "goonsound": play sound

  • Hi mindfaQ, appreciate you assistance however this has not resolved my problem.

    I believe that a lot of the cause of this problem is due to the configuration of events which enabled the line of sight and path-finding to the player.


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