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  • I made a game which requires to restart the layout often, but I want the music to keep playing(And before you suggest it; No, it's not possible to avoid restarting the layout without having to redesign the entire game).

    So I looked at the audio expressions and there's something called PlayBackTime, and something called Seek.

    Basically I made a global variable that I want to store the time of the song when triggering the condition that restarts the layout, and want to access it when the layout actually starts.

    The problem is, when I try to set the value of that variable to audio.PlayBackTime, it won't let me. It says "Wrong number of parameters. 'Playbacktime' does not take 0 parametes (should have 1)"

    I think this is possible to do beause the expressions ARE THERE, but I'm confused as to how to use them.

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  • Am I the only one who's music plays through a layout change?

    I can have a song run on loop for eternity and auto change the layout every 5 seconds and the music will not stop.

    I have no idea why i'm seeing these reports of music to play through. It's boggling me.

  • Okay so, basically all I had to do was make an empty layout before the one with the game to make sure the music would start on that empty layout and then play trhough the game.

    Still, knowing how those expressions work could come in handy

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