How do I play music without touching the screen (iPad)

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  • For some reason, on an iPad, music only starts when touching the screen once the layout has started. This cause massive music problems in my game, and it happens when exported both with XDK and Phonegap Build. FYI there is no such music problems on Android, and I think it's correct on iPhones, too (problem iPad only AFAIK, experienced on iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 2).

    The only workaround I found is to copy all my music in my "Sounds" folder, but I guess this is not good practice (loading time + memory usage)

    Is there any "clean" way to play music correctly on the iPad?


  • Do you use crosswalk with intel xdk?

  • Yes, Intel XDK with Crosswalk. But I had the exact same problem when exporting with Phonegap Build.

  • Yes, Intel XDK with Crosswalk. But I had the exact same problem when exporting with Phonegap Build.

    Hmmm, that is strange. It loads for me.

    Are you using something like on start of layout ---> play music?

  • yeah like said that's odd when you build it as a app you shouldn't have this issue. I thought only when running from the web this was a problem. my app works fine sound starts right up. What do your sound events look like? Also what iOS is installed on these devices?

  • All the devices are running iOS 8 or more (testflight beta test).

    As I said, it's running correctly on Android, so I doubt this is a problem with the events.

    The events seems pretty basic. The more complicated one is :

    (battle is won) - Stop "fight" + play fanfare (tag "fight")

    wait 5 seconds

    tag "fight" is playing - play post-fanfare

    Otherwise, on my title screen it's

    on start of layout --> play music

    At the beginning of a fight it's a pretty simple

    condition is met --> play music

    But music is always played! it's just that it starts playing as soon as I touch the screen after the condition is met, not right when the condition is met, as it should.

    Maybe I'll try with the latest version of XDK, the last time I tried was with XDK v.1632 or something.

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  • Checked with the latest xdk version and the problem is still there. Any idea ? I really do believe that my events are not the cause as it works fine on pc and android.

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