How do I play multiple track at once

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  • Guys, im making a music game, there are 5 levels and 13 audio track in ogg for each level.

    The idea is that the player catch one item and the audio of that item is corresponding to a track.. so it raises the volume for it and lower the others...

    So there is a drum.. base and guitar... The voice is always 0 db.

    In the start of the layout i play all of them with -100 db, but when i pick up a item the corresponding audio is set to 0db, since there are 3 variations for each instrumento when i pick up one is set to 0 and other to -100.

    The audo seems to start discincronized.

    I need help...

  • You should use Audacity and just put the tracks together in one track?

    Barring that, you will probably have to fiddle, and maybe then the timing may not be precise. C2 wasn't designed to be a music maker.

  • the idea is to have one music and diferent instruments playing the same music.

    so the player get the instrumento on the game, that is why the music is playing over the curse of the level

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  • igalencar

    sounds like an audio scheduling type of problem. Which is something that was added in release r225. I haven't played around with it at all, but you may have to read up on that, and try the example to see if that will solve your problem.

  • Ok i have 12 stream of audio, and 5 leves the game each level has 12 streams of audio.

    What i need is on start of the level it start all streams to play simultaneous, and only one at volume 0, the resl at volume -100.

    When the player get a instrument on the level the audio track regarding to that istrument goes to volume 0, since the music is playing on the background it gives the impression of the change instruments over the course of the music.

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