How do I Use Play Games Profile Picture?

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  • Hey everyone,

    Can anyone help me with this problem?

    I'm trying to make a simples "Google Play Games HUD" per say... But i can't get the user profile picture no matter what i try. I may be doing something wrong but here it is:

    Everything else works just fine, profile name, leaderboards, achievements, but the profile picture isn't loading.

    Internal tests i made showed that the URL stored on GooglePlay.PlayerImageURL is something like: "content://"

    By the way i'm using Cranberry Cordova Game Plugin.

    I'm really about to cry, does anyone know how do i make it work?

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  • when you open DevTools,what console shows?

    something like?



    and..when you set Text to GooglePlay.PlayerImageURL how exactly looks URL

  • The GooglePlay.PlayerImageURL returns a different URL according to the user, mine returns exactly: 'content://'

    Console can't be used within the app and I can't login on google play from Intel XDK Emulator or Debug Mode.

    Or can?

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