Play my game on my Android?

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  • Okay, I've made a great game, that I think would be incredibly entertaining to fool around with on the train! It only uses a couple layers and low-quality graphics, and there aren't too many sprites; so, it shouldn't be all that trying on resources.

    Now, I just need to somehow port the game to android. And I'd also like to be able to use the tilt feature on my android phone to move my champion around.


    How long a process is it?

    Where can I get started?

    -or- Is there a comprehensive guide to getting this done?

    Will there be any lag issues?

    The next step: I want to be able to configure my game on my phone. Any pointers?

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  • Hi Fohsap!

    That's great that you have something that you want to wrap up for distribution. There are a ton of awesome tutorials on the site which you can find here:

    If you are still in the testing stage, check out the 'How to preview on a local network' tutorial to set up your development PC as a host for allowing other devices (another PC, Android/iOS phone or tablet with wifi, etc) to connect and test.

    For publishing to Android specifically, check out the 'How to make Android games' and scroll down to the Testing and Publishing section.

    As an alternative, you can check out PhoneGap Build (and create builds for all the major platforms) and its associated tutorial:

    Best of luck and make sure to post once you have it available in one of the app stores!

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