play an audio file from an URL natively within construct?

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  • Hi Community,

    Ashley, Is it possible to play an audio file from an URL natively within construct without a third party extension?

    I have asked this question before with no clear answer and through many forum searches.

    To explain, my team is working on a quiz project that contains over 10'000s sound files (we currently do not have access to import any of these sounds to our project as they sit on a private server). We were using the "Audiostream" plugin, which worked well but with many limitations as you cannot preload streaming audio.

    So, is there any way to play a sound from an URL on runtime, maybe using the native audio object or other?

    Many thanks.

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  • No, it's not supported through any built-in features. This sounds like an unusual case so it seems reasonable to use a third party plugin for it.

    Two complications with this feature are the fact you need two URLs to support both AAC and Ogg formats to cover all platforms, and potentially the memory usage if you really do go through 10k sounds.

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