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  • Hi guys..

    This is probably my first forum post on any forum really...

    I'm not suggesting that I would like to make a game like this (Realm of the mad god) as there already is one; however, I'm trying to suss what the range of creation is within Construct 2.

    In my first screenshot there is a simple 2d sprite on a... 3d background? I can't tell... it's not just simple birds-eye view its almost on top at an angle??!

    Play yourself if you don't understand:

    So I'm wondering can this type of thing be done: pixel art + that type of dimension work?

    Also secondly:

    Can you create a minimap type thing as well as an inventory on screen at all time? (I get that you would fix the two things in place so that they don't scroll with the player etc however can you actually create a live inventory/equip/loadout thing/box and a minimap??

    The game which I'm referring to (found through research) was made with flash.

    Thanks! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Your first example doesn't look like it uses 3D, just a shadow, which is easily doable in Construct 2. A minimap should also be possible. Why not try the free edition and do the beginner's tutorial to get a feel for how things work?

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I've done the first tutorial on the ghost shooter and was impressed by process involved! Certainly easier than Unity!!

    I didn't really want to get started with the other tutorials (I've only had a brief look at the titles) due to the free edition limits (I have no idea whether I'd hit them or not) and my lack of assets... I could just be a massive noob here and be missing some library of assets.

    Also ( ):

    1) Is this an optical illusion I'm seeing or is this a method of 3d or camera??

    2) Is that shadowing?

    3) How would you say that works? Is that a shadow and layering?

    4) Is it just me that thinks he's hovering?

  • I can't really comment without seeing the game in motion, and there are often many different ways to achieve the same visual appearance, but providing the view doesn't rotate (showing true 3D) it should be possible in Construct 2.

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