How do I platforms on layers with paralaxx

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  • IM playing with the idea of having platforms on 2 different layers with paralax. one has layer fx of a blur.

    the idea is when the character jumps to the back paralaxed layer he becomes blurred too.

    it looks cool, but when i jumps there is some kind of positioning problem...i guess because the platform at back has a slighty different positioning due to paralax.

    so i need to find a way to offset his position when he goes back so that his position doesnt get offset

    I know i could solve this just adding an FX ot the character and turn it on and off but would be good to know how to do it properly...maybe using layertoCanvas or canvas to layer is a solution but need more info on what are the right properties to tweak


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  • Hi,

    Maybe you can test the following things:

    • add a sprite (call spritetestback)on top of the back platform


    on player overlapping "spritetestback" at offset x ---> (action) move object (player) to layer "fx"

    else ---> (action) move object (player) to layer "origin"

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