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  • I have a player with the Platform Behavior and physics Behavior, so that is reacts to touching physics...

    The ground is physics Behavior(immovable set to true)

    My question is my player is vibrating on the ground??? any Ideas? :/

  • I want to fix the Vibrating?(Clarifying)

  • Don't use the physics, use platformer behavior and solid behavior for the ground.

    When you need the specific physic interaction "switch" your player to a "fake player" with physics behavior.

    Have a look at the elements listed in the how do I FAQ in the "platformer game" section and in the "platformer behavior" section too, there are example that show you how to manage platformer and physics.

  • Yeah, platform and physics are NOT DESIGNED to work together.

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  • They should make it so that they work together....

  • Could you show an example of what you're trying to do, upload the game to somewhere as an exported HTML to show it if you don't want to share the CAPX.

    Assuming you're already using an invisible box as the actual platform behvior object, you can swap it dynamically at runtime quite easily.

    An abandoned project I made a while back did this.

    Press down to change the ball from platform mode to physics mode.

    The only difficulty I encountered was having to duplicate all the blocks to set physics behavior on one, and solid on the others.

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