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  • Hello everyone !

    Just joined today and I really like C2, I followed a 1945 clone tutorial and now I was wondering, this is a bit noobish of me but, how would I go about making a platformer level? I dont know how the "collision" works with the character, how do i make the character go on the "ground" and follow it along the shape. I'll include an example image, I'm sorry if I'm not clear on this. I guess what I want is a guide line to how to make your level for a platformer. <img src="" border="0" />

    Thanks a lot guys !

  • My image didnt work so here's the link:

    I want something like this

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  • Ok haha that was dumb of me I didnt even check the examples so now i get it except that how do I make a slope with a rounded imagine like a hill or something similar, in the example, it's just 2 rectangles at an angle.

  • Hey there,

    Just thought i'd let you know that your image link isnt working. I'd like to help. Im not sure exactly what you mean though.

  • Hey there ok well sorry for the link and thanks.

    Ok so i'll try to make this clear haha. I want to know how to make a hill, because the example platformer projects that come with C2 are all square pieces. I dont know how to make a sprite that has a curve in it because images are all squares and i coudldnt make a hill with a transparent background because the character would still collide on top of the image and not on the hill itself. I guess it's a bit clearer ?

    Thanks alot for trying to help ! very appreciated.


  • My solution would be to draw a hill.

    Then double-click on the sprite so the Edit image window pops up.

    Then you'd edit the collision polygon points so they wrap around your hill.

  • Ok thanks alot! I didnt know that, I just started using the program.

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