PLATFORMER: The hookShot with mouse button

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  • This idea was bugging me for quite some while until this day, right away i woke up and fought with this challenge for hours and im telling you, the Pin behavour is the best for moust solution i came up with so thankyouuuu for the Pin behavior!

    Anyway, here is an example of a platformer character who can shoot a hook and get pulled by it to reach any high places.

    Sudgestions and examples with other ideas for this topic are welcome!

    Example contains:

    -Basic description in eventsheet

    -Shooting a hook and lasso that imitates attaching the hook with players hand by using the mouse button

    -Basic platform movement

    -Player getting pulled to the hook when the hook hits the ceiling

    -Player performs jump when releasing the hook


  • Great ! it's very well done , very understandable , very smart and generous of you for sharing those examples !

    Thank you and don't stop :)

  • Wow! That was a great example and well documented to boot! Thanks for sharing. I had a blast just trying to time in air re-hooks. :)

  • Miu3 , Hello some of your dropbox Links are not working , kindly check them and please let me know if you can fix them. I will be very much happy if I can see your examples. They are very much helpful for me.

    Thanks for sharing such nice and good examples with us. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • These examples are from 2011 so may not be there anymore....

  • sorry about that... I did try the old example but it turns out to have now different result as it was supposed to so im afraid it wont be that helpful anymore in the new versions of C2

    Ill see if I get time to make new examples later to make new and recreate old ones that will be placed in a single post

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