How do the 'Platformer' functions reset double jumping?

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  • TL;DR: When using the default platformer functions, falling before jumping breaks double jumping. How can I fix this? Also, is triple jumping possible?

    Title probably doesn't explain very well, but I'm trying to figure out how when using the built-in platformer functions I can control when jumping & double jumping is triggered. I want to be able to be able to set when additional jumps can be done. Currently double jumping seems broken.

    For example, if you do the following:

    Launch the Platformer Template > Click the player > Enable "double jumping" under Behaviors

    You'll notice some things:

    • Jumping from solid ground allows you to double jump
    • Without jumping, if you fall off an object you can jump but you can't double jump.

    This could simply be that by default falling either counts as a jump, or disables double jumping. Though if you set "If player is falling > Double jump enabled" this doesn't allow you to double jump after falling. So it seems like falling off a ledge is registered as your first of two jumps?

    I can't find anywhere where these triggers/variables are set, or how to control them.

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  • You can do anything (including triple jumps) if you are willing to program it manually. I don't know anything about Constructs built-in double jump, but I have a few ideas on how I would do double/triple jump manually.

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