PLATFORMER: Fake isometric like movement and jump

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  • This one is still a baby example compared to the horor my mind works on D8

    Like many keep asking, I also wanna know how to do 3D like game but eather theres no ansver or the example is too advanced to understand...

    So here i came up with some basic movement that could be already good for games like scott pilgrim or castle crushers type.

    Sudgestions and examples with other ideas for this topic are welcome!

    Example contains:

    -Basic description in eventsheet

    -Combination of Platform behavior and 8dirrection behavior

    -Fake Z axis jumps with global variable


    Note: use Z to jump

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  • when you send a project, send it as a single file it's easier :D

  • when you send a project, send it as a single file it's easier :D

    I would, but I have the experience of getting constantly errors when I try to reopen the single file, so I rather save as project and put in zip folder to avoid risc of loosing hours of work.

  • Miu3 : If that is so, you'd better file some bug report (see the Bugs section for C2) to help correcting those errors.

    By now though, with r65, such errors shouldn't happen anymore.

  • and changing between single and directory method of save will make you miss the background images (already reported), take care =]

  • Miu3 - I like this example, I was looking to try something like this. I am trying to animate the shadow under the player so it appears smaller as the player jumps higher in the air. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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