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  • Iiii dint really quite saw any example of this so I though ill share an example of jumping in air.

    Sudgestions and examples with other ideas for this topic are welcome!

    Example contains:

    -Basic description in eventsheet

    -performing doublejump once everytime the player is in air with Global variable


  • Just move on and make more platform-tuts please =)) very nice =)

  • Cooooool.

    Thanks a lot :)

  • Hi in China and it wont let me download from dropbox. I was keen to see how this and wall sliding is done, any other way to get the file?


  • booth:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Can you view images from If not you could just PM me your e-mail and I'll send the .capx.

  • Nice, it's very useful! thanks Nimtrix! I think i'll give it a try with my incoming game to learn a little more..

  • Nimtrix the image is showing, awesome mate really appreciate that, I got my guy interacting with physics objects, shooting and such, now with the double jump it's almost there.

    I have drawn out a level that requires wall jumping, Too much to ask if you know how to do that?

    Thanks again mate

  • I got a sort of wall jump working by manipulating your above example, only problem is getting him to hold onto the wall for a couple seconds. I have linked to my example (tried putting image but it told me I was spam!)

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again Nimtrix, that double jump works perfectly

  • Are you still in need of help for wall sliding/grabbing?

  • what does it do? I mean... I know it makes a double jump, but what does the vector and that stuff got to do with it?

  • The vectorY iiiis basicaly the up or down force that imitates a jump movement. The difference between simulate jump and vectorY jump is that simulate jump can perform a jump only when the object is on the ground/solid object.

    The vectorY can perform jump even in air but if you dont give it a specific limit, your character migh end up flying endlesly up into the air...

  • Edit: nvm, noob mistake.

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  • Thanks much for this, I had come up with my own scheme that was pretty much identical to this but had an issue where they would keep jumping as many times as I hit the button while in the air giving an infinite jumping ability and it wouldn't function if they were already on the downward arc of their jump (falling).

    Turns out that it was because I based my logic on "is jumping" instead of "not on floor". It makes a world of difference. Thanks that was the one little piece that I was missing...

  • An additional enhancement to this is that if you are using jumping animations, you should start the jump animation again when the double jump starts. For example if you use the jungle sprite sheets, the jump from idle animation works great for the double jump animation.

  • Thank you guys. I was having a bad moment with this issue.

    Is it possible to have the same Jump Button for the Double Jump?

    I tried, but it doesn't work. I tried to have the A button for both, but if the key is the jump button it doesn't work as a double jump button. Any idea?

    I also changed the double jump condition to "if it's not falling" because I don't like to have a double jump when the player is falling.

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