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  • Hi,

    i'm quite new to Construct 2 - but already made my way through the manual and the forum. At the moment im experimenting with some game mechanics.

    The forum and the tutorial section got a lot covered, which i could adapt for my needs.

    Today what i am trying to replicate is a mechanism of Rayman.

    Let's just call it "Depth Jump":

    The player hits an object and jumps to a platform in the background - the camera zooms in and the foreground zooms out.

    So i guessed this could be made by using LayerScale and Scaling the Foreground, the Player and the Background Platforms.

    Here is a Link to a CapX-Example:

    And here is an image showing what i want to archive:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Now to the question:

    While the Background Platform is not in use, i dont want the player to have any kind of interaction with Objects on that Layer, but i want it to be visible and maybe have enemies moving around.

    Is there a way to not have an interaction, while still being visible - or do i need to set the events for all background-layer objects depending on if the background platform is active.

    I was searching the forums and the web all day but could not find anything to that topic. Maybe someone here has an idea :)


    Sorry for that bad english - i know there is a german community, but it's not as alive as is this forum here :)Depth-Jump

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  • Disabling collisions for the background object when it isn't in use should do basically what you want. If you have events that don't trigger on collisions, you'll need to disable those too.

  • Hi Squidget, thanks :)

    Yes i know i could just disable collisions for the that solid in the background, but the thing is - in the end i want to have several objects on that layer. For example enemies, coins and all such platformer stuff.

    What i need is a way to disable collisions for everything on that layer at once.



    Maybe a mix of families and this topic

    Foreach {Family with objects that need to be solid}:

    • is on layer
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