Platformer basrd on Gravity

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Gravity Square is a game where I aim to reach the square at the polka dot door :)
  • How to do the same thing like in the video - "Construct 2 Tutorial: Angry Birds Space Mechanics Part 1"??? (search in YouTube)But with the bird with platform behavior.

  • That's almost like asking how do I make this car drive on water..

    To which my answer would be: "why not try a boat? That's what it's for!"

    If you are talking about making a rotational platformer however, there is an example shipped with construct 2.

    If you'd like to use both the physics part and be able to control the "bird" after launch, you might be able to use grouped events to switch between the different behaviours, but I'm not sure that would be a great idea.

    Could you maybe explain what it is you'd like to be able to do and why you want to use the platform behaviour instead of the physics behaviour?

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  • I want to use platform behavior because i make my game in construct classic, i know that the are separate forums on that program,But i can use information from both forums. I want to make the same thing like in this image!

  • Ok, but that seems to have little to do with the "birds" example.

    Im not any good with construct classic, but in Construct 2 you can set the angle of gravity in the events for platformer behaviour.

    That way it should be relatively easy to do what you desire.

  • You mean i should work with construct 2 to do the main gravity stuff ?

  • I'm not saying that, I'm just saying that what you aim to do is relatively easy in Construct2.

    You are using construct classic, of which I have no knowledge, so I don't know if it has the same settings.

    Your question sounds like you'd like to make part of your program in classic and part in construct2, but I guess you understand that's not possible, so I must be misunderstanding it.

  • no, i want to do my game in construct classic, but construct classic almost have the same settings like in construct 2

  • There are still some CC experts who read that section of the forum. You would be better posting your CC queries in the relevant section.

    CC != C2

    There are many differences.

  • how to do that thing in construct 2? Has someone an example file?

  • The platform behaviour has got this action:

    -platform set angle of gravity.

  • thanks, i already don this action in construct2 , but that don't even work well. How to do that thing? Can you give my an example file with this action?

  • Can you give me a capx that I can work on, so I can see what you've done and improve on it?

  • no, i have a capx in construct classic, but i will give you a capx file from construct 2 as soon as possible

  • here is my example file, good lucK ;)))

  • I used:

    platform is overlapping gravzone - platform set angle of gravity : gravzone.angle

    and rotated the gravzone so it's angle was in the direction I wanted the gravity to go.

    It still has some issues, primarily in switching between gravityzones, but It should be possible with lerp.

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