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  • Hi everyone!

    Im new to C2 but Im learning thru tutorials from the site and on youtube.

    I've followed some instructions on creating a platformer and it is going pretty well. Just for practice Im creating the first level of Bonks Adventure from scratch. Learning to load in sprites and setting up events has been very intuitive so far.

    The problem I am having currently is with his animations. If you just move left and right he does his walk animation flawless. The problem comes when jumping and especially jumping after being up against a wall.

    I followed the tutorial the best I could and it seems right but the animation just seems to freeze up and return to the standing animation and it looks like Bonk is just gliding across the floor.

    Im sure its something simple, but I can seem to get it right. Here is the link to the .capx file:

    If anyone could have a quick look at this and tell me what I may have done wrong and how to avoid this in the future, I'd really appreciate it.


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  • - event 8 try replacing it with player - platform - is moving, inverted (platform is not moving). if you add a jump animation in later add another condition to that event as well "is not jumping".

  • Thanks for the response WretchedShark.

    I tried that and still I get the problem.

    The way to reproduce the problem Im getting, is to walk up to a wall and continue to press the key in the direction your going and press the up button to jump. You will then see bonk still moves but his walking animation stops and hes stuck in a standing animation.

    Im sure its fixable, just not sure of the event to use to fix it.

  • oh i see, i just thought it was where his walking animation would stick after jumping near a wall, my bad!

    • event 9 you have "set animation to "running" " - there is no "running" animation, change to "walking"

    also change 9 and add another event as follows:

    if you need more help or i've, again, missed something just tag me with wretchedshark in your post <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • wretchedshark

    Hey, that worked great! Thank you so much!

    Not sure how I missed that "running" animation part. Doh!

    Thanks again!

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