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  • I just started working with Construct 2 barely over a week ago. I've been going through many of the tutorials and Manuals to help me build an AI for a platform game. I've been playing with the LoS feature in Construct but to no avail. I have learned the use of hidden spawners pinned to the character to follow along with hidden blocks to control the mobs' direction.

    I'm looking for a tutorial I missed or maybe some help on figuring out the brains for the AI. I want to base it off of Terraria's AI where they spawn off screen and how it knows whether to a certain category of mob.

    ex: your high in the air on a tower with no land off screen so flying mobs spawn.

    I can't figure out how to get them to detect players in line of sight.

    Then at night certain mobs have their LoS either shrink or grown.

    I'm still very fresh at this as you can tell. I appreciate any help.

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  • Maybe this can help ?

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