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  • ok so in my platform I want something like a jump trampoline but instead of it being a rubber bounce I would like to do some thing like an upward wind draft that carries you upward sort like a Fan blowing underneath.

    I cannot fine any example that been done and how would i go about that one ?

    Ok update: I figure out that i had to reverse gravity with an overlapping object using negative number

    and i figured that I needed to reset the gravity if not overlapping but I have to ask how can i "float" at the peak atm its just glitching up and down out in a weird pixelated

  • Maybe you can add another object so that when they're overlapping that it sets the gravity opposite of the other, or you could use the invert command so that when the player isn't overlapping the object it sets the gravity so whichever will make it hover. I'm not sure, I haven't tested it but i hope this helps.

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  • something simple like:

    player is overlapping

    player set y : self.y-5

    would work..

  • ok i tested both of your idea and they work i just had to add alot of extra sprite block and overlapping block.

    For those that would like to know I used one Wind helper sprite that changed gravity to negative and then I added a solid block at the peak. Added a sprite that (disable)solid behavior block when in the wind overlapping stage. and then I added a another sprite above the solid piece to revert the gravity back to normal and set that to LittleStain code and return the solid piece to (enable) solid behavior.

    It look like its bouncing but this is as close as i am gonna get due to the nature of the code.

    But really I was pulling my hair out at to why contruct was giving me a hard time. I remember contruct is as smart as the code and as dumb as the programmer....yeah

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