How do I make a platform RPG

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  • I cant achieve what i am striving for in construct 2. Basically, it is a platform like RPG game. This may be confusing, but here is an example game. [quote:iobnw41n]Portal defenders - Newgrounds. and castle crashers on ps3 and PC.

    I want to move like that. But how can i do this. The platform behavoiur or the 8 direction movement doesn't help. I cant do the combat either. I am a relative newcomer to construct.

    Any help is apreciated.


    I am a game designer and artist with little experience in programming ( only know basic javascript, HTML, CSS and actionscript so construct is a huge help to me

  • Well, snapline, I invite you to learn how to make simple components of your game one at a time. That's how all developers and game designers learn. If you haven't yet, you should follow the How to make a Platform game tutorial from the scirra team.

    If you want to make a platform RPG, I invite you to make a few platform games first. Then a few games with basic fighting mechanics. Eventually, you'll be able to build on top of that and make a more complex game.

    Good luck going forward,


  • well Valerien I know how to make a simple platform game. I made one and i was successful. But this platform RPG has me stumped. It is only the movement though. I think i can manage with everything else.

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  • Hey, I checked the game out. The 8-direction behavior should cover your needs for such a game. If you can give us a bit more details about your issue, and maybe a capx highlighting the point you're struggling with, I could check it out!

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