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  • Hey there. First post!

    Just picked up C2 and am learning as I go while I make a simple, gameboy-themed platformer. Things are mostly going fine but a couple problems have me stumped, and I couldn't seem to find anyone else mentioning these issues, which leads me to believe I am missing something obvious.



    Many things here are incomplete or suboptimal, not looking for a full critique or anything, just advice on the problems described below. And please try not to overload my dropbox by using these links if you aren't planning on helping.

    1: Slopes. I am using the default platform and solid behaviors, with slopes at 45 degrees. The player collision sprite is a rectangle, and the slope has an invisible hitbox at full resolution (rather than the jaggy upscaled sprite you can see). As you will notice in my upload, the player regularly gets stuck when trying to travel up a slope, particularly if you stop part way up it. Turning pixel rounding on/off does not appear to make any difference.

    2. Moving platforms. The player sprite wobbles around a little when riding on it, and gets shunted a little in either direction when the platform turns. Not sure if this is just a quirk of the engine or something I can fix. The moving platform is a regular square with the solid and bullet behaviors.

    Much appreciation for anyone who takes the time to help me, and apologies if the information is already out there-I make an effort to find answers by myself but I could have overlooked it.

    Edit-A is jump.

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  • mmmmm Saraqael.. this appear to be an easy fix.....If you look closely at your slope collision box...It has a non-linear path on the slope side..what I mean is you have a teeny weeny bump in it composed of 3 points ..that is what you are getting stuck on there...make the sloped angle only two points at each end and that should fix that first issue..

    See here...

    It looks like you have used "Guess polygon shape"..which is always good for a start but you should always definitely check it out to see if its exactly what you need.."Guess polygon shape" is only at best a it implies.....The second issue is to do with the players world weights...try upping your gravity a titch on the Platformer sprite or adding a small Gravity addition when a player is standing on a moving platform..this should ease the slipping issue..but I would have to say that it was a very teeny slight issue on my pc ...barely noticeable..I had to look very closely to see it.....maybe its your browser or pc?..I was using Chrome and it plays beautiful...nice work...looks like a cool have good neat flow and design...looks great

  • Oh interesting, I had no idea that was happening. Cheers, figured I'd just overlooked something and it appears I was right.

  • Don't you just hate it when your shoe gets caught on the rubber grip of the stairs and you fall down and break your ankle at McDonalds in front of a hundred yeah I did once so maybe that's why I knew what had happened to Lucky I wasn't carrying any food...that would have been TRAGIC!!

    Let me know if that worked...I hope so...Your game looks great Saraquel...

  • Worked perfect, took me all of 10 seconds to fix.. really appreciate the help, first time doing anything like this so I was bound to miss something obvious sooner or later. Glad you like what I've done, soooo much more to come :)

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