Platform Player won't follow shape of floor

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  • Hi,

    New to construct, I am having difficulty making my player sprite walk along the shape of the hillside I have created.

    I painted the finished shape of my hillside in Photoshop, exported as PNG and placed into Construct as a solid for my platform character to walk along, However instead of following the peaks and troughs of my hillside, the player simply travels along a straight line over the whole thing.

    Please help, I've looked in the topics and can't find, read countless platform tutorials and can't seem to find the answer.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • I think you need to manually choose the collision shape of the object.

    Select the sprite on the object list, then right click and select "Edit animation". A edit screen will pop up and there on the left is the edit collision box. In there, if you right click on a point you can add or delete points. You can also tell the program to guess the polygon shape for you =)

    I'm guessing your shape has a white background? If you're using Photoshop you can draw on an empty layer, just make sure to export as PNG. That way C2 will guess the shape right away.

    Hope it helps :D

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  • Ahhh thank you, I do paint on a transparent layer in Photoshop and export as PNG to keep that. I just didn't know about the "guess polygon shape".

    I'll give this a try. Thank you very much.

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