How do I have a platform object ignore certain solids?

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  • First let me explain the idea

    In my project, at all times there are two walls and a floor. One wall always at the very left of the screen and one wall at the very right and the floor of course on the bottom. The player is a platform object and is supposed to behave as it should with these solid objects.

    The player has a weapon, and can lose it after being hit a certain amount of times. When he's disarmed, he spawns an invisible platform object with the weapon visual pinned to it, and this platform object is supposed to go off screen, but it's capable of bouncing on the floor. (How it works is the platform jumps as its spawned and then when it lands it jumps again to simulate bouncing. The platform is supposed to make it appear like the weapon is being hit away from the player, as the weapon is always going left or right depending on the trajectory of the player)

    So the issue is simply that the weapon is supposed to ignore the walls to go off screen but interact with the floor to simulate the bounce. Please help!

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  • Use the "on collision with another object" condition to disable your physics behavior when the weapon colide with the wall, for example, should work.

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