platform movement: actor still standing by physic

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  • Hello everyone,

    I?am working with the physic behavior and don?t know how to move my actor which is in contact with a movable platform.


    1. Actor is falling from the sky on a platform.

    2. The platform is moving on x-axis.

    3. The actor don?t change the positon.

    Other example:

    If you are the actor and standing on a moving staircase you?ll change your position. This actor not...

    It?s important for the game-design to use the physic behavior and not the platform behavior.

  • Why is it, that my impression is, that all the newbe's ask question about their code, without posting a CAPX?!?

  • Hello weishaupt,

    you are right. I�ll looking for dropbox or something like that. But the problem is easy to describe.

    Everytime I using the platform and static behavior my actor will be carried by the platform.

    Everytime I using the physic behaviors for actor and platform sprite the actor will standing on the platform but not carried by the platform.

    I hope this would be better to understand!?

  • Still it may be easy to discribe, but I bet that there are about 217 ways to create that problem....

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  • Weishaupt It�s right!

    But for only one changes setting it�s not really important to send a hyper-link to my capx. I�ve only changed the standard settings in physic behaviors by the platform-sprite from "immovable no" to "immovable yes". The other setting are the settings by open the physic behavior.

    My question is generally: Is it possible to create a platform-sprite (long rectangle)is moving on x-axis and capable to transport an other sprite (rectangle and named "actor") from A to B? Is the answer "yes"! Please tell me how to do it?

    Thank you!

  • For anybody have the same problem, I�ve fixed it by using two sprites for my actor. One of them is with a platform behavior and the other one is with physic behavior. To use the especially properties of the behaviors I�ve worked with the spawn and destroy options in the condition editor.

    For example:

    Is the actor collide with a movable platform I�ve destroyed the physic behavior and spawn the platform behavior (in the other sprite). My actor was now carried by the movable platform.

    Hope that help�s!

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