How can i make a Platform Hiting Game?

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  • Hi everyone, i need to know how to make a platform hitting game, like those vontage games like TMNT, Ninja Gaiden or Double Dragon...

    Thank you!

  • well, ninja gaiden is very different from the other 2, but if you want to know something very exact we can help with that.

    However your question is a bit vague and needs more definition.

    have you tried to read the tutorials there are quite a few platforming tutorials around that can help you. if you get stuck on a point later in your games creation feel free to ask a more specific question and describe the problem.

    here is a good tutorial on how to make a platform game


    there is also many tutorials you can view on the scirra website try searching the tutorials to find what you are looking for.

    tutorial section of scirra

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  • Hi, thank you for your help, but i know the basics on the platform games... I need to know how to make the basics for a platform hiting game like final fight, the events and actions for the animations are done, but i need to put the "enemies" on my game.

    I will upload the game soon and you will see what its about.

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