Platform Help Needed for Ground Pound Move

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  • Hi, all!

    I'm making a game for a college independent study with Construct 2 and I seem to be picking up things fast with the program. I'm trying to make a platform character pound the ground like in the new Super Mario Brothers game. so far, I crafted the events where while you're in the air, you can flip and then drop down quick by pressing the down button. I used the platform tutorial as a reference to work with.

    The problem I'm having is that the default falling animation is over-riding the drop event I created even though the acceleration, max fall speed, and gravity variations for the drop are defined in the event. I also have an event that resets the platform specs to default after the move is done.

    My issue is that the ground doesn't shake once I have my player hit a solid object no matter what I code the event to so I left the event set to when the dropping animation finishes and crossed it out.

    Here's what I have for my playable character so far:

    Pound the Ground

    There are some bugs that also need to be addressed including the game freezing when I try doing a ground pounding function. If anyone finds bugs or can provide tips for me to properly code events, I'll gladly and thankfully take them.

    EDIT: I did an update following the proper instructions for mirroring shooting left to right events but unfortunately there is still a bug even in that particular event function. I may need some help there too.

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  • I know this is an old post but I need to know how to do this too and was hoping someone has now worked this out?

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