Platform Gravity Angle Set - Reverses Speed? Bug?

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  • Hi guys,

    So I tried out the action for Platform behavior "Set Platform angle of gravity" to 270 degrees (making the player's gravity turn upside down) and noticed when I move left and right I got in opposite directions. After sing the Debugger I noticed its Vector X is going negative when going right and positive on going left. (Reverse of speed)

    Is this normal...?

    If so, could someone explain it, and show me a way to workaround this to achieve proper movement direction according to the new gravity?

    Thank you!


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  • it goes left according to his point of view (it goes to the left of the down gravity, so to the right of the up gravity, not sure I make much sense, note this occurs the same way with gravity to the sides), so this is the expected behavior.

    you will have to hard code the controls depending on the gravity using the simulate control actions rather than using the default controls.

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