Platform Game Jumping Problem

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  • Sometimes the player doesn't want to jump while running.


    I don't know what's wrong.

    Could anyone give a hint?

  • I could but where your file?

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  • The file can be downloaded from:


    Please change the coma(,) after

  • Do you mean the jump animation? If so, you just need to add a condition to your running while pushing left or right triggers that says if jumping animation isn't playing. You'll also need to add some kind of event that says on jump landed switch back to the run animations.

    If you mean it actually didn't jump, I couldn't replicate that.

  • It's not about the animation. It's actually the jump.

    If I press up. Usually the player jumps. But there are moments while moving left or right, he doesn't want to jump, until I press up a couple of time.

    This happens usually after he is landed and you want straight jumping again. I can see the jumping animation is on going. But the body stays on the ground.

  • Sorry, I can't replicate that and tried in several browsers.

  • I am sorry, I download and check the file again, it's not the latest file.

    But anyway the problem is solved now. I think the problem was I apply the platform behavior to the player and to a box I use for overlapping the player.

    I read somewhere in a tutorial that I should use a box as a mean to prevent some parts of the sprite to get stuck into a wall or something.

    So, I'm closing the thread.

    Thank you all for your time and efforts.

  • Most welcome

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