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  • Hi Scirra Community,

    I'm trying to build (what should be simple) platform game, but I'm having PROLEMS executing a series of events after collecting the coin

    How the game should work:

    1. Player starts at bottom (platform behavior).

    2. press screen/click button to jump up.

    3. above are scrolling 'turquoise' platforms (which bounce off walls) - repeating

    4. the player simply has to time jumpthrough onto these platforms - untill reaching the spinning coin (at top)



    5. once player collects the COIN, coin is distroyed

    6. platforms should/do spawn THIN red line.

    WHY a thin red line???? - each platform has (Jumptrhu behavior) and I wanted to start a fade timer once the player has landed on top of the platform -which only occurs after the coin is distroyed

    7. if player collides with individule THIN, it is distroyed and that connecting platform FADES on timer... making the player fall to next platform.

    THOUGHTS: I've changed this around SO MUCH, my head is spinning! I'm thinking, that because the 'platform(s) ' are spawned from another object - this may be the FOCUS of my issue. The platforms try to spawn thin red lines too and I've tried PINNING it but this also creates problems

    Can anyone PLEASE advise were I might be going wrong!!!



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  • How about instead of creating a new thin red line object you:

    Add a new frame or animation to the platform object that includes the line graphic.

    Also add the fade out behaviour to the platform object.

    When the coin is collected switch the animation for all platforms.

    When the player collides with a platform you can then check if the new animation is playing. If so, start fade out behaviour for that platform. Make sure the "destroy on fade out" setting is set for the behaviour and the platform will automatically destroy once it's completely faded.

  • Hi mekonbekon,

    That did the trick... by simply changing to Animation frame resolved it.

    Thanks very much, you're a star!!!


  • RobertoFreemano

    Glad to be able to help

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