Platform collision problem Pos Construct bug? or my writing?

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  • I have been attempting to convert an old 80's platform game I was involved with in Construct2. I was(am) really impressed with the speed I can get things up and running and this has been a major boost to my progress as for years I have put off doing such due to the heavy learning curve with C based engines (Cocos etc). I have come across a few things though that I am not sure is down to my programming skills (or lack of them) and would appreciate some advice please.

    1: Collisions; I have two tile layers (one solid and one jumpthru) for some reason if I am standing on jumpthru tile and my players head comes into contact with another jumpthru tile and I walk off the tile I then float in the air and it looks like the player is being held up by its head? I removed one of the head height tiles close to the platform being stood on and tried again and it drops down as expected. There is no logic in my game to cause this odd behavior?

    2: I have a ladder tile in the jumpthru map, once on it and when it comes to the top of the ladder it then decides to fall down thru the ladder and off the screen despite there being solid blocks at the bottom? I found similar falling thru happening when I had the conveyor blocks on a row at the bottom but was able to solve this by repeating the same blocks on the solid layer which is not ideal as the issue needs fixing but it has resolved me falling through the floor on that part.

    3: Editor, for some reason when I want to move the player despite clicking on it and it having the markers on to resize as soon as I put the pointer on it to drag it to a new position the tilemap gets selected and I can only alter its X/Y pos by typing values into the objects box to the left? I have similar issues trying to select the solid tilemap layer which is sat directly on top of the jumpthru one and despite clicking on it in the properties box it refuses to let me select it. The only way around this I found was to drag the other tilemap layer down a few blocks which then reveals the sold tilemap above and then I can select and work on that Map. Very annoying until I found a way around it.

    EDIT: it seems that to be able to edit with more than one tilemap accurately you need to use the Z bar which is not available unless you buy a licence. I think this needs to made clearer in the tutorials when editing as it drove me nuts trying to work out why I could not easily switch between layers and not warning or 'tips' popped up advising a better way.

    I was all ready to purchase a licence as on the whole this is a brilliant product but these annoying and odd behaviors are making me think that I am going to have to look else where if I want to be able to produce a fully finished product.

    Hope that does not sound to critical as I am not, I really want to use Construct as my preferred development tool but despite trawling through hours and hours worth of Forum posting and looking again and again at the manual I cannot find a way forward.

  • Hi Jimwills,

    I am a novice construct 2 users, but problems seem to be similar to ones i encountered before:

    1. Player head seems to have its own collision enabled, meaning, as soon as it gets "jumped through" the other platform, well it gets stuck.

    2. Can you describe/show this a bit wider? Does your ladder go thorough another object?

    3. To make it less painful to use editor - right click on tilemap -> Z Order -> Send to bottom of Layer. This will move tilemap to the bottom of the layer, meaning, everything else will be above it, and clickable. So, just do that for every tilemap/object and enjoy.

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  • 1. Tilemap with jumpthrough doesn't quite work because of how tilemaps are rendered. I suggest you use a square sprite (or a 9-patch, they look nice) with the jumpthrough behavior instead

    2. The ladder problem might be the same

    3. That just sounds like a limitation of the free version

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