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  • Hey everyone!

    I am having an issue with my main character. I am trying to make the Player flash when it runs into an enemy, which it does. But for some reason I can't stop it from flashing if the Player is jumping on top of the enemy.

    Any help?!

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Thank You,


  • can you explain a bit better what do you want to echieve??

    you want the player to flash when it hit an enemie but not when you crush it from above?? maybe you can try adding

    if Player Y its > enSnail.Y + enSnail.height then inver it...

    maybe this could work?? care to try?? :) and report results...

  • When you jump on top of an enemy your player is falling onto the enemy.

    Either remove the <platform is (not) falling> condition or copy/paste that block and invert the <platform is (not) falling> condition on one.

  • But, I want the Player to flash when he is not falling.

    For example: Walking into the enemy should cause the Player to flash.

    Falling on top of the enemy should not cause the Player to flash.

    Both are collisions but handled differently. My code should work but its not for some reason.

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  • Maybe this?

    On collision with snail

    PlayerVector.y is equal or less than 0 > Flash.

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