Platform Character Object Won't Move Past Certain Position

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  • CAPX:

    NOTE: Use keys A and D to move left and right respectively.

    I have a suspicion that this is related to the use of the latest two beta releases (r167.1/.2), for in the prior beta releases everything was working fine. Another possibility is that it's related to the platform/Solid behavior objects I'm using, too. I don't know...these are just my guesses.

    What's happening is that when my platform character (Mr Stick; represented by MrStickBox which actually has the Platform behavior) goes a certain distance to the right, the sprite stops moving, but in the Debugger, you can clearly see that the X value for the object is increasing, showing that it should be moving to the right on-screen.

    I have checked behavior parameters, events on all event sheets, layout parameters, layer parameters. Just about everything I can think of and I don't see WHY it's getting stuck when I reach a certain distance to the right.

    Thank you for any suggestions or resolutions.

  • It's because you have ScrollTo but no background as reference (and your platform/floor is on the HUD layer). Place a tiled background in behind and you'll see what's going on.

  • blackhornet - Ah, okay! But I'm confused: What does not having a background have to do with it?

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  • Because you can't see that it is scrolling. If the background had been there, you would have seen what was going on immediately.

  • I see it. Such a silly mistake. I knew better. Thanks for your help in catching that.

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