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  • Hello, I'm developing a platform game, when I pressed some keys my character changes the size, but when this is smaller, my character is in the air, I mean like it's nothing pushing it down. So, when the character kneel down, he seems to be in the air instead of be on the floor. I'm using a transparent box and I pinned the animations of the caracter to that box. I put the event to change size when a frame on the animation changed. Is it something with the gravity or I have to consider something more than size to be on the ground ?... I would like to know how could I attached my capx file to be more clear, but I don't know how.

    Thank you very much.

  • Make the transparent box visible and you might be able to see the problem.

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  • Thanks...

    That's exactly what I did, but I saw that transparent box is the same size of the animations object and still I see the same, the transparent box is levitating. I'm new in this forum, d'you know how can I upload some pictures to show you ?...


  • Origin points perhaps? ;)

  • I bet the origin/image point that the character is pinned to the box is either at the top so the head sticks to the box. Or at the bottom but the animation frames need to be trimmed to remove the extra space beneath the feet in those animations.

  • Thanks JokerSushi and BluePhaze (You helped me in the past too!). This time I don't understand pretty well but today I run the file and it's working without any problem, it's not levitating anymore. I would like to share with you my game, I'll start another topic to get some suggestions about it if you want to test it and maybe get me some tips or comments.

    Really thanks!

  • Sure, glad it started working! One of the things you pretty much always have to do is remember to crop the frames of the animation by holding shift when you click the crop button. otherwise each frame comes in the size you made it which could include a lot of whitespace above or below.

    I am more than happy to help, feel free to share your capx if you run into any more issues as well.

  • Cheers dude, glad to be of help :D I'll check it out when it comes, I'm also starting out ;)

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