How do I make a platform bounce on landing?

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Bounce the ball and try to keep it bouncing and prevent it from falling down for as long as you can.
  • Is there a simple way to make a 'platform' (a sprite) bounce when the character lands on it?

    I am currently using the platform behaviour for my character and solid for the 'platforms'

    I want the platforms to bounce down then back up when landed on

    Do I need to apply physics for this?

  • Yes apply physics to the platform sprite.

    You can set it so

    every tick > apply impulse towards position (This will Keep the Platform in position)


    Player Sprite on collision with Platform Sprite > Apply Force towards highest Y value (The Lowest point in the layout)

    Make sure you set the world gravity for the platform object to 0 on start of layout. Also, when working with physics, make sure all animation frames have the same collision polygon. if the collisions are constantly changing it will go nuts.

    You could create an effect similar just by moving the platform up and down on collision with player, but with physics it looks way better.

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  • Thanks Frostein

    Just what I was looking for

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