Platform behavior - only one object can have it?

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  • I used the plaformer template and cloned the player, then I am spawning the clone as enemies. However when I use the controls for the player, it affects the clone. For example the clone jumps when I make the player jump.

    Is the platforming behavior not specific to the object? Must be a pain for those wanting to make two player mario clones? I mean it's weird - I am using the template and the code refers to the player object and then to simulate moving on a keypress. Everything else works with a specific reference but here if you tell the player to jump it's sending that to another object with the platform behavior.

  • You probably have default controls enabled on enemy object, disable them in Platform properties.

    Another possible explanation - if you have PlayerFamily and using it in events (for example "PlayerFamily simulate jump"), when you cloned your Player object, the cloned Enemy object was also added to the same family.

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  • Ah, I see what happened. The platformer template actually has manual controls written in the code - but they are to support WASD use. I didn't realise the platformer template had it's own control code for regular keys.

    Okay, so I turned it off and you are right, it works now.

    Thanks dop2000, I overlooked that there would be something like this because I kept looking at the events sheet and how it was taking keyboard input and assumed that was the only way it worked.

    Thanks again :)

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