Platform behavior and collisions

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  • Hi guys

    I am mulling over something.

    The game is a platformer and I am using the platform behavior to control my enemies.

    Basically the enemy is on a platform on the top of the layout, walks and then falls from the platform and lands on the ground. All fine.

    However if my player is where the enemy is going to land, the enemy collides with the player (as in lands and walks on the players head).

    Is there a way to switch off the collision just with the player?

    I want to be able to:

    let the enemy land on the platform (not on the player's head) to then kill the player (using "is overlaping" & "is on floor")

    Cheers for any help

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  • Did you give the player the jump through or solid behaviors? The player does not need either to jump around on platforms, they're designed mainly for the platforms. The player only really needs the platform behavior and two objects with just the platform behavior will overlap just fine.

  • That was exactly my mistake.

    The player had the jump through behavior.

    I guess it is a noob mistake <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Thank youuuuuu Phyvo

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