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  • How do I make it so my player (using the platform behavior) doesn't start falling immediately after bumping his head on the ceiling? Instead I want him to hover along the ceiling for the remainder of the jump and continue the jump if there is no longer a ceiling. This mechanic is usually found in screen-by-screen games like La-Mulana or Hydra Castle Labyrinth, and early Castlevania I think.

    I've tried using events but nothing worked too well. It would be cool to have this as an option for the platform behavior so it'd work for enemies and such as well, but if anyone knows of a way to do this with events that would work too!

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  • I can probably think of a way to do that with events (manual manipulation of VectorY instead of actual jumping) but it seems a really odd thing to request - as far as I can see, it makes almost no sense at all to have this, and would feel very unnatural.

  • It makes perfect sense. Things can get cramped at times in screen-by-screen games so this mechanic helps even things out. This one in specific allows you to jump over spikes or enemies in narrow corridors, and makes it much easier to jump around a tile (bottom to top) without bumping your head and losing your momentum.

  • Not the most practical solution:



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