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  • Hi,

    I've tried to do some advanced plateform game. I've missed a lot with the event sheet and animation function. I've succeeded to do a lot of stuff but here's some that i can't get out of.

    I - First : About the mobility, i want my character to run on a wall he's facing like PrinceOfPersia.

    What i want exactly is my character run on the wall when approaching it AND the player pressing a key.

    I'm thinking about adding a special "wall" sprite and to make it mimic plateform gravitation but I guess the question is a bit more tricky.

    Here's what I think of :

    1 step : Adding a special wall sprite.

    2 step : Adding a collision sprite on my sprite character.

    3 step : Event sheet like that

    " When (x) is down / When collision sprite ( on colision ) with special wall, and this is when it get complicated.

    How to mimic plateform behavior on a wall ?

    II - Second :

    When my character is falling and he's approaching a wall I want him to ride the wall like in the plateform game "dustforce" and to stop and pending on the wall at a certain moment.

    Some idea ?

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