Plant Vs Zombie Inventory System

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  • Hi,

    I know how arrays work and I have read a ton of threads last 6 or so hours. I have a plan in mind to implement this system but does anyone know a direction to start that may take less time. My example would include a lot of weird experiments with tons of things potentially going wrong.

    Basically I want a 6 or 7 bar UI on screen in which after the level the player can then spend money or points to purchase new weapons that are unlocked. Then store the weapons in the UI action bar like on PVZ. On the purchase screen that way next level they can switch between weapons. At the touch of the object in the bar.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • 10 hours and counting with no progress. Not going to give up though.

  • Tried for over 20 hours plus to get this inventory array to work. Sad part is I am about to graduate in Computer Science an this is giving me a hell of a time. Writing real code is easier sometimes but Construct 2 is still amazing.

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