How do I make plaform character cannot move back like Mario

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  • Like in Mario you can move forward through the long layout and move back ONLY a little and then the "scroll to" behavior would not let you move back anymore.

    How would you do that ?

    And also, I cannot add "Destroy outside layout" for enemies on the right of the layout that the Platform character haven't encounter yet but would like enemies he has walked passed & out of stage that he can no longer return to to be destroyed.

    Do I have to do like "if enemies.x < player.x-500px[500px assuming that will be the length needed to go out of stage] then destroy" ?

    Have to program manually right ?

    No drag and drop behavior for that ?

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  • Hey Toddler, no drag and drop for that but once you get the hang of it its extremely easy to implement with events.

    Here is an example of Mario scrolling.

    If you used this example, then you could check if your Enemy.X is less than the Blocker objects X and destroy them if so. If your enemies also use solid behaviour, Just make sure you add an event that disables the enemies collision when they overlap the Blocker so that they can pass through

  • I just downloaded it, will see it soon.

    Thank you !

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