How do I place two of the same object in a container?

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  • I have an enemy with two identical arms. (One will be mirrored.) Enemies are placed in the layout. One arm is placed outside the layout and in a container with the enemy.

    With the arm placed and pinned to the enemy, every enemy gets an arm and it follows perfectly. I'm not sure that this is good practice but it works...

    Now I want a second arm I can place. How do I "re-use" the same arm?

    For now I cloned the arm object in the layout, mirrored it and added it to the container. Now I have enemy, arm1 & arm2 in the container. This works but what If I had 20 arms... Is there a better/correct way to do this?

  • Nothing wrong with that way. Containers give you the features of creation, destruction, and ease of picking.

    You don't get all those in a family, or instancing, but all can be done in events.

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  • Good to know. Thanks for your feedback newt!

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