How do I place a sprite as a foreground

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  • Hi all,

    Thanks in advance for looking into this issue I have. I'm trying to reskin a game and I added a sprite to work as foreground. In Construct 2, I've got the Z order right and it looks right there. But when I test it out, the player character comes to the front before the foreground. How do I assign the player character in between the background and the foreground?




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  • You have to check the order of your layers :

    number 0 : your background

    number 1 : your foreground

    The first (0) layer will be rendered before the second one, so if you don't have the right order, the background is there before the foregound etc. Look at the layer where your character is chilling, look at the layer supposed to be your foreground, and change the order if you have to.

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